Ford Tractors

Henry Ford built his first gas automobile in 1896, resulting in the first official Ford car, the Model A in 1903. They built the first experimental tractor in 1907 and then spent $600,000 to develop a good, cheap tractor. They had to call their tractors Fordsons as the name Ford Tractor Co. was already in use. By 1920 distribution of the Fordson was shifted to the Ford Motor Co and Ford went on to become a leading tractor manufacturer, producing may affordable models.

1949 Ford 8N | S/N 8N162736 with scraper blade

Purchased from Kenneth Rice, Asheville, NC
524,076 were built 1947-1952

1952 Ford 8N with Dearborn Rear Mounted Mower | S/N 56B1437

Purchased in Hendersonville, NC
524,076 were built 1947-1952

1954 Ford Jubilee 50th Anniversary Edition | S/N NAA19290 | SOLD

Purchased from Carlie Rogers, Asheville, NC
128,965 were built 1953-1954
Orig. Cost $1,560 in 1954
Purchased from Farm Equip Company, Asheville, NC